June 11th, 2007


My weekend, how was yours?

Saturday morning, got up earlier that was wise and went to the local Garden Show, where I had been volunteered to be a roving photographer (Jess's work was a sponsor). When we got there, they politely explained that they thought I would be put to better use staffing the wine table. So, instead of wandering through a 50 acre garden full of beautiful flowers and overpriviledged people, I got to stand behind a table and sell them overpriced, lukewarm Chardonnay.

At 2pm, they finally released us and we drove 4.5 hours to Williamsburg to pick up the wedding dress. When we got there, three people were frantically sewing on the lace and bead trim. Jess had her final fitting, then they asked if we could return the next day to pick up the dress.

There were no affordable hotels available, so we called Jess's 80 y.o. great aunt and asked if we could 'drop by'. Drove another 2 hours north, chatted for a few minutes and got to bed at midnight.

Got up at 6. found bagels and coffee (not easy at 6 am on a Sunday), drove to Williamsburg (calling to wake up the seamstress on the way), got the dress, drove home, got Jess's to work exactly on time, unshowered, in the clothes from the day before.

We had called her boss in the morning to warn that she might be late, he had arranged for someone else to open until she got there. We had called them an hour in advance and left the message that she would be on time, they showed up 10 minutes after opening, grumpy that we had wasted thier time. They were in the shower when we called.

Went to the grocery store, got a call that my uncle Walter was having chest pains, returned my mother's car and picked up our van, rescheduled my final fitting for the wedding suit, since I was too tired to drive to Raleigh, got the call that my parents were taking my uncle to the hosital, cooked dinner, watched Little Britain, went to sleep.

Midnight, got the call that my uncle had had a small heart attack. 6 am, got the call that my uncle had a double bypass and my parents were staying there. Dad said I should get some rest, then go finish up the work we started Friday. 11 am, Uncle is moving into ICU, Dad is going home to sleep, I need to get ready for work.

Now, I've eaten, had coffee, snuggled Jess, fed cats, I'm heading off to work.

Oh, yeah, and it's exactly one week till the wedding, Jess flies out on Wednesday and we are not ready...

and ComicGenesis is down, so Sinister Bedfellows is delayed.
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