May 23rd, 2007


(no subject)

Got up around seven, drove two hours to Charlotte, sat though a meeting where they "explained" to me what they wanted (note: basically, what I had planned all along, I wasn't the one confused).

Then had lunch with my boss, went over to the client's new office to do the work, discovered that the contractor had already turned the keys over to the client, who was only on-site every other day. Not today, obviously.

So, despite the fact that the building was filled with electricians, painters, carpet people, security guards, IT guys... no one had a key to the two rooms I needed to be in.

So I went home. They can call me back wihen they reschedule with the client, the other technicians, thier own National Operations Center and... I'll be on vacation that week.

I'm getting married and going to Scotland.

On the other hand, I did get paid for a 10 hour day and all I did was have lunch with my boss.

Today's misunderstanding

"You went to the post office? Did I get anything?"

"Yeah, you got a package from your admirers"

"What? Why are you being sarcastic?"

"I'm not, you got a flat package, like a book or something, from ericfmyers."

And a very cool package it was indeed. Now I have to get one together in return.