May 9th, 2007


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From overheardnyc, this really needs to be in a comic, probably by brianwood:

Mounted police officer holding a pay phone and sobbing: Please, Mom, I'll do anything!

--8th & 5th

Overheard by: jewish girl

The image of a cop on a horse, leaning down into a phonebooth as the cord stretches towards him, crying and almost falling off the saddle.... brilliant!

Skull Ship Ahoy!

I still don't understand this blog (Spanish, great images) but I am totally in love with this post, both the graphic from Mr. Fish, and the text, which makes babelfish poetry.

They already scratch (with) billhooks the slate sky,
describing formidable arcs and assaults
in (the) prickly pure love (of) the mosquito.

Under them one follows another,
a kiss and a step and a murder,
and the naked monkeys describe
a horizontal parabola that
only the billhooks can enjoy, from the sky.
Arcs and arrows, mosquitos and summer.