April 26th, 2007


the day is improving, which was almost inevitable

Wedding news:

Just got off the phone with the printer who called to say that the invitations came out much better than she expected (!?) The ornate gold border stayed crisp and the font is amazing, it seems. However, UPS denies that our address exists, so we'll see if they can manage a 2 day delivery.

We also got the peel-and-stick faux wax seals for the invitations. They look very cool.

Other news: I'll hav to write up an amusing account later about how work went. It involves errors, theft and postponements.

I'm off to bake naan, reheat last night's rice and daal and watch something from Netflix.

More from the Greatest Obituaries in the World!

I didn't realize that Sol LeWitt had died.

From Sentences on Conceptual Art:

32. Banal ideas cannot be rescued by beautiful execution.
33. It is difficult to bungle a good idea.

Also, Dave Martin:

  • David Ralph Martin was born on New Year's Day 1935.
  • Martin worked as a flyman at the Bristol Old Vic and as an advertising copy-writer before teaming up with Bob Baker.
  • With Baker, he created K-9, the robot dog from Doctor Who.
  • On moving to Dorset, Martin went on to write four novels, police thrillers set in Bristol.
  • Dave Martin died on March 30