April 20th, 2007


Guns and I

With all the discussion that has been swirling around my f'list about guns, I thought I should present a few facts about my relationship with them, just so you know. I will not be debating anyone on their beliefs.

WARNING: some of the following sentences are very graphic.

I got my first gun when I was 10 years old, a Daisy bolt-action 22 with a short stock. It was my father's gun when he was a child. It has been locked in a cabinet for several years.

I briefly owned a 12 gauge shotgun, but sold it after I gave up hunting.

I gave up hunting the first time I failed to get a clean kill.

I have been robbed at gunpoint three times.

I have been shot at once, during a jewelry store robbery. The bullet entered the wall above my head.

My cousin was killed in a hunting accident. It had to have been by a friend or family member. As it was ruled accidental, the probable killer was never revealed.

Another, more distant, relative killed his step-father and himself with a pistol.

I used to print the photos for the local police department training course, including two decapitations-by-shotgun, one self-inflicted, one by a sheriff.

I greatly enjoy target shooting and was very good with a pistol, but it has been several years since I fired a gun.

I will never sell my rifle.

I will never rejoin the NRA.