April 14th, 2007


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Up at 6 am, called Amtrak to check the mother-in-law-to-be's schedule, back to bed for an hour.

Up at 7 am, drove an hour to Raleigh, gathered family, drove an hour and a half to Greensboro, had coffee and went to work.

1:30 pm, phone call says we're needed in Charlotte. Drove 2 hours to Charlotte.

Did pointless work (If the server center isn't going to have power for another six weeks, why is it so urgent they have fiber tonight? They don't even have interior walls yet!

9:30 pm, finished, drove 2 hours to home. Beautiful Bride2B is baking furiously, pressgangs me into washing and mixing and zesting and such.

12:45 am, I'm blacking oouoiiiiiiiiiutyto,............

Today, I pruned the apple tree with an electric chainsaw and a 200 foot extension cord. Tomorrow, I

While ordering/trying on. &c., my wedding clothes (mid-18th-cent. costume, don't ya know), I realized how easily these garments can be twisted.

Seriously, brocade waistcoat, satin knickers and greatcoat, stockings, buckled shoes, ruffled shirt, ruffled ascot-y neck-thing... I'm getting married as a flaming pirate!

LARP/RENN/Highland games/revolutionary reënactment, anyone?

(Yes, I use umlauts for double vowels where each vowel is pronounced differently. I learned it from the New Yorker. It's my favorite affectation).

Did I mention that I own a pirate shirt now?