April 3rd, 2007


Work stuff, feel free to skip or pity me

OK, so I worked all day Friday, then as we were preparing to go home, we got a call that there was a cut fiber in Charlotte for Level 3, leased to Verizon Wireless.

We mobilized, drove down, and... waited six hours for them to dig a trench 12 feet deep, stabilize the sides, pull in slack from a mile up the road in both directions, and give us the two ends to slice back together. Did I mention that instead of the usual 12 or 24, this was 144 fibers?

Finished Saturday morning, drove home. Worked 27 hours straight, 61 hours for the week.

Monday morning, worked in Winston Salem, in the new Wake Forest University center, for Duke Net. Worked 6 hours, realized that when Level 3 scheduled us for night work on the 3rd, they meant 12:01 am on the 3rd, went home, failed to sleep, went back to work around 11:00 pm. That makes 16 hours of work I'm considering Monday. Because I have to go back to work tonight, which I will consider Tuesday.

Dad was smart, he turned his phone off, so when someone dug through two fibers at the Greensboro landfill this afternoon, they called me instead. 6 hours of sleep, I think.

I called Mom's cellphone, she ran home ot wake up Dad, he called the City MIS, they decided that tomorrow is soon enough.

Who would have thought there would be random digging at a landfill?

Now I can't sleep, so the lovely bride-to-be is finding things to occupy my day. Since it includes a library and a bookstore, I don't mind.
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