February 23rd, 2007


another con sketch

This one is by Christopher B. Wright of Help Desk fame.

It is my only con sketch sans kilt.

More tomorrow after the dentist.

Oh, and yesterday I drove to Atlanta and back, about 800 miles in 17 hours.

Another Con Sketch...


Looking all heroic, by Kell McDonald of Sorcery 101.

Also, la_sherazade is sick and I'm talking care of her and trying to be sympathetic and such but... I don't feel well myself.

Just... tired, grumpy, anxious, I wanna sit down for ten minutes without needing to do anything, a cup of tea and some comics, can I please hide now, blah...

But I'm making black bean soup, will go get a movie and rub her neck while we watch it. Then I'll go to sleep.

Oh! And I got an interesting offer for C∂ulhuvi∂a that I need to compose an answer to... if I could just get my head together.
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