February 5th, 2007


Random fact about my life

I recently discovered that the tiny village I live in, Alamance (population 348), is named for the German settlers who, well, settled it.

Here's the thing, though. They were appearantly French-speaking Germans and called themselves Allemensch.

Allemand is French for "german", mensch is German for "human".

Actually, "Allemanisch", a dialect of the Alsace region. At that time, they were a German speaking region of France, in the mid-1800's they became part of Germany and 100 years later returned to France. The name of the language derives from an ancient alliance of Germanic tribes, the Alamanni or All Men.

Here is the Lord's Prayer in Allemanisch:

Fater unser, thu bist in himile
uuihi namu dinan
qhueme rihhi diin
uuerde uuillo diin,
so in himile, sosa in erdu
prooth unseer emezzihic kip uns hiutu
oblaz uns sculdi unsero
so uuir oblazem uns skuldikem
enti ni unsih firleit in khorunka
uzzer losi unsih fona ubile