February 4th, 2007


The blótting of Grim'jul, with annotations by Loci and Memir

There's this story, see?

Well, there may be two or more stories, and they may be related, but at this point there's this one story, see?

Only there's not.

There is a really cool image, tons of fascinating research, three pages of dialog between a raven and a tree, an account of the reception of immortality via the Blót, a mishmash of Christian and Norse religion and... no story. I know what happened, who is involved, what it all meant, but at this point it is just one person relating his lifestory to another person.

It's passive.

And I don't really want to make this particular account 'active'. What I need is for something else to be going on while this history is recounted.

i just don't have that yet.

I do have crazy, violent, painful, beautiful, poignant, sad, funny, sarcastic, and punny. Now to find a story to wrap it around.