January 28th, 2007


A Child's Guide to Teasing Bees: more info needed

There are still 2 (maybe 3?) authors I'm waiting on, ones that I am eager to include and so am willing to wait a bit. Actually, let me say ones I am thrilled and lucky to have attracted (maybe that will nudge them).

I have also lined up at least 6 illustrators, some of whom are already working on bee shots. I can't wait to see these.

Now, while I am working on editing and reviewing and such (they seem to be falling into a natural sequence, which frightens me), I need a little something from all of you. Namely, a bio.

And so, at the recommendation of jlundberg, I am borrowing from Kathryn Cramer's How to Write an Author Bio tutorial..

I need something short containing the following:

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Just a recap, so we can all keep track...

la_sherazade and I are getting married, in mid June (date keeps fluctuating), in period dress, in Michigan. Then we fly to Scotland for a week on a private, primative island.

la_sherazade and I are trying to buy my parents' house, where I lived from 1979-1986 and off and on since. We are applying for a 203k FHA renovation loan, which means several inspections and fees and time and worry and we have to move out while the house is basically rebuilt and I'm broke and ... yeah.

I am working 50-60 hours a week on my day job and still falling behind.

Sinister Bedfellows was just nominated for "Outstanding Photographic Comic" in the WCCA awards, so of course, I am changing formats next month. It will temporarily feature the linocut prints for my next webcomic, C∂ulhuvi∂a, instead of phototographs.

C∂ulhuvi∂a launches in a couple of weeks, assuming I get the last few scenes carved, the special handmade paper ordered, everything printed, the html customized and so on and so on and...

I have an exhibit of the C∂ulhuvi∂a prints at Mr. Toad's Coffee House in April.

I will be a guest at WTHCon in February, MomoCon in March, and Trinoc-Con in August. I hope to also attend Heroes, DragonCon, and something Lovecraftian.

I really need to get minicomix and shirts ready for these cons.

Sinister Bedfellows: Anthology is being judged for a Blooker prize. They may chose to switch it from the comic category to fiction, since I can't do anything 'right'.

The North Carolina WebComic Coffee Clatch (my monthly comic salon) is being featured in an upcoming article in the Indy. We are also taking over the WTHCon and Trinoc-Con webcomic panels this year.

I was accepted at UNCG, but can't afford to quit my job until the house situation is resolved. Hopefully by next year, I will be a college student again.

Plans for The Adventures of Maintenance Man and BearCats of Mandhu are on hold, again, obviously.

I blew the deadline for the MUNGbeing collaboration issue, as my partner and I only managed 3/4's of a chapter. However, The House That Translates Between Space will survive. There are two other short stories I am working on.

A Child's Guide to Teasing Bees, as you have seen, is progressing. It's reaching the exciting/frustrating stage, just before it all starts to gel.

I hope that is everything I'm supposed to be doing, I need a nap...