December 31st, 2006


In the new year,

I resolve to get more haircuts, fewer headaches and better chocolates.

I'm getting married June 13th to the lovely and talented la_sherazade, in 18th cent. costume, on Mackinac Island. We are then fleeing to a tiny island off the coast of Scotland for a media-free week (I have to fire up a generator if we want to run any lights).

Sinister Bedfellows, the photobased version, will be ending regular updating in the spring, about the time that C∂ulhuvi∂a appears. The linoprints from C∂ulhuvi∂a will appear weekly on, but to read the story you will have to go to

Or visit my show at Mr. Toad's Coffee Shop in Cary, NC in April.

Or possibly find it serialized in a local free weekly (negotiations continue).

After that, hopefully Bearcats of Mandhu and The Adventures of Maintenance Man will be ready to launch.

Photobased comics will still appear randomly. There will be a second Sinister Bedfellows Anthology in the summer. Possibly also an omnibus edition with all 100 strips, the short stories and fanart.

A Child's Guide to Teasing Bees is advancing slowly but surely. For those submitting stories, poems and comics, the negotiable deadline is Jan. 15. There are illustrators standing by...

I will be a guest at MomoCon, WTHCon, Trinoc*Con, and in attendance at StellarCon and hopefully DragonCon. Possibly I will be a vendor.

2006 could have been worse, 2007 looks to be better.

fancy hair
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λειτουργία (leitourgia) means "public work"

Sorting my piles of books, as the rain keeps up just enough to make me fear playing with my new electric chainsaw.

1. Books I am currently reading (most next to bed, one in bathroom)
2. Books I refer to (near bed)
3. Books to be read (stacked on stairs)
4. Books I have read, to be reread in the near future (fantasy and Wodehouse)
5. Books I have read, to be reread in the distant future (lots of Russian novels here)
6. Old books about the sea, kept together for when that mood hits again
7. Books I have read, which will now be passed on to others
8. Overdue library books, whether or not they have been read
9. Books of, or about, poetry
10. Comics, magazines, 'zines, other (trying to neaten these stacks)
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