November 26th, 2006


My day this far...

Been in bed 12 hours, feels like I haven’t slept.

Jess is recovering from tonsillitis, sounds much better, is ravenous.

The last dream of the night involved another couple and us navigating a complex bus and train system to get to “The MOMA District, it’s new, it’s not downtown”. Seemed to be a combination of the Orly/CDG airports and downtown Atlanta, but the subway was called the Tube. The male half of the other couple was terrified of tunnels, reminding me of friends on the Oakland to San Francisco BART. There was airport style security in the area where you transitioned from bus to train and...

Is there actually an airport in Paris where the metro arrives on the second floor, like at RDU SFO? How many metropolitan transportation systems did I merge last night, anyway?

Must have coffee now, feed the cats and chickens, and water some plants.