November 19th, 2006


Elementary Principles of Composition 18. Avoid a succession of loose sentences.

Days and dates are losing relevance lately. It’s Sunday afternoon, the long dark teatime of the soul, but I’ve felt this way all week.

I keep getting good news, but everything is still grey and beige and drifting slowly sideways.

There will be gluttony this week, however, so things should improve.

  • Current Music
    Prairie Home Companion in the kitchen, cats in the dining ro

Currently reading:

  • The Girl in Blue by P.G. Wodehouse (since I have completed the Jeeves and Drones Club books)
  • The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón (fitting well into my Saramago/Pérez-Reverte continuum)
  • The Elements of Style (new illustrated edition, Strunk & White)
  • Spunk & Bite by Arthur Plotnik (Isn’t Plotnik a great name for a writer [insert interbang here])

  • Oh, and there is still a copy of Dostoyevsky’s The Idiot in the bathroom.

    Call for Entries: A Child's Guide to Teasing Bees

    Because I felt like doing this again.

    Children’s stories this time, 100-1000 words, poetry also accepted. Think Ogden Nash, Charles Addams, Lemony Snicket.

    Oh, and they must contain at least one bee.

    Due by December 31, 2006.

    Comment below or email me at holderfield/gmail/com

    Unlike the Anthology, this one will be in B&W, so it will be cheaper. I will send a PDF version to everyone accepted, as well as making them eligible for heavily discounted print versions and limited edition Bee Shirts.