November 5th, 2006


My music says it all...

Might be scarce this week, might not.

Depends on how many problems I have to fix and the hotel wifi.

I’ll be in the Tri-Cities, TN for a few days (and nights), then working nights locally.
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    Another Spot in the Sun, part 2: totom (Pink Floyd boots Trent)

In case you wondered which webcomics I actually read, here's a partial list. Google for links yourself.

13 Seconds, 13 words, 55 word stories, A Girl and Her Fed, A Lesson Is Learned But the Damage is Irreversible, A Softer World, Achewood, Alien Loves Predator, American Elf, Anywhere But Here, AppleGeeks, Beaver and Steve, Better You Than Me, Boxjam’s Doodle, Boy on a Stick and Slither, Busted Wonder, Cat and Girl, Checkerboard Nightmare, Chopping Block, Clan of the Cats, College Roomies from Hell, Combustible Orange, Comrade Geek, Counter Culture, Crap I Drew on My Lunch Break, Diesel Sweeties, Digger, Dinosaur Comics, dreaming out loud, Edible Dirt, Even in the deepest heart of chaos..., Factual Authentic Real True Stories (F.A.R.T.S.), Fairy Trash, Fetus-X, Fish Institution, FLEM Comics, Fragile Gravity, Get Fuzzy, Gossamer Commons, Help Desk, Her! [Girl vs Pig], indietits, Irregular Webcomic!, Joe and Monkey, Lore Brand Comics, Maakies, Malfunction Junction, Married To The Sea, Midnight Macabre, MISFILE, Nekko and Joruba, Nine Planets Without Intelligent Life, No Frailty, Normal Life, Overcompensating, Pearls Before Swine, Perry Bible Fellowship, PvP, Questionable Content, Random Assembly, Red Meat, Rob and Elliot, SiGHwhatever, Sinfest, Sinister Bedfellows, Skinny Panda, Slow Wave, Sluggy Freelance, Soap on a Rope, Something Positive, Something Positive: New Gold Dreams, Sordid City Blues, Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki, The Accidental Centaurs, The Adventures of Brigadier General John Stark, The Adventures of Dr. McNinja, The Adventures of Sporkman, The Angriest Rice Cooker in the World, The Dada Detective, The Devil’s Panties, The Doctor Pepper Show+, The HB Comic-Blog, The Hoojie Crew, The Misadventures of Hello Cthulhu, The Order of the Stick, tiny ghosts, Todd and Penguin, Too Much Coffee Man, Two Lumps, Unspeakable Vault (of Doom), User Friendly, Venus Envy, Wapsi Square, Weebl and Bob, Whispered Apologies, WIGU, Wondermark, xkcd, Yirmumah, You’ll Have That

I think there are a few defunct comics there, and I know there are a few missing that I read occasionally, like Furmentation. Also, Pork Factor 9 and Circus Quadrus deserve mention although they are not active.

Man, I’ve met over a dozen of the creators of these in the past two years, and many of them are probably reading this post.