November 3rd, 2006


all conversions are approximations, inexact representations that are still close enough to be useful...

Worked overnight last night, saw the sunrise from 25 feet (8 meters) in the air.
It was windy and about 38°F (3°C).
I was working with metal straps and cables without gloves.

Still, it was a lovely sunrise.

But now?
Totally unable to fall asleep.
It’s going to be a groggy day.
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    water draining, ceiling fans, something rattles somewhere

The Isle of Calliope

Ulysses sailed into that weird wind that circles winder-shins round the Isle. Whistling through the crags and spires, it sings like a playground pipe organ, announcing an arrival at Calliope’s.

“yo, leesa”
“yeah man, you-a leesa, me tago”


“What do you want, Tago?”
“yo man, what’s wrong with those animals?”

On the shore, wild beasts of every nature gamboled around the castle, forming a zoological moat of fur and fangs.