October 22nd, 2006


PieQuest 2006: Day 5, part 1 (we missed day 4, ate pie twice on day 5 to make up)

On our return from MI, we stopped in Toledo. We had breakfast last Monday at Schmucker’s Good Food, where they have been making home made pie since 1948. A wonderful selection, over a dozen types of pie. Since it was breakfast, we got slices to go.

I had Black Forest (chocolate with black cherries) and Jess had Chocolate Peanut Butter (chocolate with peanut butter).
I also got a Schumucker’s shirt and mug for $9.99. Good food and a great value!

Schmucker’s Good Food, 2103 N. Reynolds Rd. Toledo, OH 43615, 419-535-9116
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