October 21st, 2006


PieQuest 2006: Pie #2

Last Saturday, we hung out with Jess’ dad and grandmother. In the evening, we drove up to Sault St. Marie, MI for dinner at a neat little place called Antlers. They had individual home-made pies. We devoured a banana cream, then headed across the bridge into Canada, where Jess’ uncle and aunt were celebrating their 40th anniversary.

Antler’s Restaurant, 804 E. Portage Ave., Sault Ste Marie,MI 49783, 906-632-6463

oh, yeah...

Yesterday I was verbally attacked by a drunken homeless guy with a cane. It came very close to violence. In a gas station, in front of a coworker and two acquaintances...


I was OK with it. I didn’t get upset by the confrontation, which I definitely would have a few years ago.

I didn’t get frightened.

I looked at him, knew that I could defend myself with no problem if I needed to, but that there was no reason to hurt him. I’m stronger both emotionally and physically than I have ever been.

I saw him again today. He didn’t remember me when he was sober.
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Media saturation...

This month, instead of running Sinister Bedfellows, The Blotter had published one of my poems, Thé chez Pélé.

You can pick up a print copy in various coffee shops around NC and GA or download the PDF version from the site (once they get October uploaded).
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PieQuest: Day 3

Last Saturday, la_sherazade and I spent the day on Mackinac Island (to be covered later in a Pimp My Bride post). While on the island, we searched diligently for home made pie, but the closest we came was home made filling in store bought crust. THIS WOULD NOT DO.

On returning to the mainland, we noticed Bentley’s B-N-L Cafe across the street. Home made pie slice $2, coffee $1, cocoa $1.25!

We had Christmas Nut (pecan pie with raisins and coconut) and Chocolate Fudge pie (tasty but disappointingly gritty. It needed powdered sugar). On the plus side, best hometown diner atmosphere, handmade ads for local teams, all kitsch strictly non-ironic.

Bentley’s B-N-L Cafe 62 N. State Street St. Ignace, MI 49781, 906-643-7910
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