October 5th, 2006


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I found several odd postcards that I got in Paris two years ago.

Comment with your address and I'll mail you one as soon as I can afford stamps again.

EDIT: this is not limited to the US. International postcards aren't that expensive :)

OK, I think I'm back...

Work has been nuts, was out of town most of the week, but am taking tomorrow off.

That said, here’s some of what I need to do.

Think and respond to collaborator’s notes on “The House That Translates...” of MUNGbeing. Cut some more lithos for C∂ulhuvi∂a. Talk to webmistress for C∂ulhuvi∂a (I’m outsourcing). Work on scripting for longterm projects. Expand “Javalina” from flash fiction to 1500 words. Revise SinisterBedfellows.com with BiscuitPress linkage. Create this week’s Sinister Bedfellows. Find replacement print outlet since The Blotter is folding soon.

Yard and House:
Jumpstart lawnmower and do final mowing of the year. Clean yard, make another trip to the house we tore down and finish (finally!) cleaning off the site. Prepare chicken coop for chicks (4 eggs in incubator right now) and for winter. Prepare for pending chicken-in-law’s retirement to our coop. Organize antique furniture pending refinishing. Sort quilting fabric and plan next two quilts. Sew if there’s time. Winterize gardens. Clean up scrap heaps in back yard. Recycle metals.

Read this week’s comics, New Yorker, 3 library books, stack of used nautical books, stack in bathroom, stack on stairs, notes for NaNoWriMo.

Make naan and paneer. Make rice and cornbread to finish off black bean soup. Eat apple crumble that la_sherazade has been saving for me.

Finalize teeshirt designs, strong arm colleenaf into servitude. Work on secret (for now) application. Take photos! Sunday ncwccc meeting at 2 pm in Raleigh. Sleep would be a good idea...