September 22nd, 2006


and then he took a long nap...

After a couple of hours of work yesterday, I got a call.

“What are you doing, you have to be in Charlotte (2 hours away) to work tonight.”

Um, nobody told me that.

So I went home, rested for three hours, drove to Winston, picked up the big ole bucket truck and drove to Charlotte. Did totally meaningless work that should have been done months age when I was there, in the same manhole, working on the exact same fibers.

Got home about 2 am, realized that I had gotten well over 40 hours in 4 days, decided to take today off.

Now, I’m up, but la_sherazade is sleeping, because her Diss has driven her to be nocturnal. Oh well, we plan to drive/picnic/take photos together tomorrow.

And I did get the next two SinBeds uploaded early :)