September 17th, 2006


Somewhere between my last dream and first cup of coffee...

This week’s SinBed was thrown together at the last minute.

I came up with the phrase earlier in the week, was planning to save it for a while, but didn’t have anything else ready. So I fumbled through my photos folder (2200+) and found this. It works perfectly with the text, in a totally different way than I was planning. Feedback, please.

I woke up this morning from a very long, vivid, fun dream about shopping for houses. There was a huge plantation complex of interconnected clapboard houses that had been converted into apartments, with breezeways and swinging bridges and ventilation shafts that you could talk through and something about rubbing sandpaper on your doorknobs to prevent break-ins. Some of this will figure into Translation of the House Among the Stars , which is getting very exciting. I’ve never collab’ed before.

For those who don’t read la_sherazade, I spent yesterday evening dredging thick black sludge out of the bathroom sink drain. See... the plumbing in our house was added when the owner won $500 in some contest in the 50’s. The bathroom drain pipe runs horizontally for about 3 feet, which is not a good idea for a gravity powered drainage system. About every 10 years it just stops being a drain. I’ll be redesigning the entire system once we get a home loan. There is no need for non-sloping pipes, the basement has plenty of room.

Coffee now...