September 13th, 2006


Attention Artists (writers, dancers, painters, etc.)

I’m dreaming of an interview series, not sure where it will appear yet, but please, feel free to answer these questions, providing links if possible.

LJ limits responses to 255 characters, so feel free to add info in the comments.

Poll #819959 Unsung heroes

What was your greatest/best mistake?

Who is your biggest influence outside of your particular field?

Who is your favorite relatively unknown artist?

What are you currently working on?

Do you have any artistic superstitions or quirks?

I’d like this to be an ongoing feature, where I add the artists that get recommended, so I may get back to you asking for emails.
I’d also like to get images of you with a piece of your work, to be published with the poll.


To clarify #1: happy accident, unexpected result, got contract by throwing up on Speilberg.
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