August 5th, 2006



Thinking about numbers...

Recently the Big Power Company in NY reported that it had 2500 customers without power.

Then I realized that to them 1 customer = 1 account or meter.

I currently have 4 people in my house, so 1 account = 4 people (and 3 cats).

I used to live in an apartment building with utilities included, where 1 account = 100+ people.

Then I remembered that when I was in college, my electricity was paid by the University; 1 account = 10,000+ people.

Now, some of my friends of the extreme would claim LIES, CONSPIRACY, ETC!, 25,000,000 people without power and they are covering it up!


What this actually means is that the power company is not set up to give you the information that you want. This is not a bad thing.

Who really wants the utility company to monitor how many people are in each household?

No solutions, just thinking...

Think about the situation before trusting OR discounting the numbers. Math is a harsh mistress.
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