July 8th, 2006


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Ideas I have been pondering:

1. A Marvel/DC team-up where Clark Kent and Peter Parker are assigned to cover the same news event. They nod and call each other by first name. Done in the style of Damion Scott.

2. The true story of Batman and Robin, where it is revealed that Batman has been training Robins and allowing them to be killed, until he finally finds one who kills him instead and assumes the cowl of the Bat. I imagine Robin, wearing the cowl and cape over his own garish uniform, one foot on Brice Wayne's chest, shouting "Batman est mort! Viva le Batman!"

3. 2 quickies: Like a near-sighted lord of all he surveys; He often suffered from delusions of adequacy...
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Just a quick sketch to remind myself that I can actually draw when I take the time.

Jo (Joanne) aka TEMPgirl, Maintanence Man's sidekick, who really hates her nickname.

Shirt says "TEMP" across the left breast and the back in san-serif font.

She was actually assigned to him by her temp agency to replace the defunct TEMPboy.

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Last minute change of plans= FUN!

So, I am about to meet Jess, pack my mom's PT Cruiser and head west. Hopefully by 11 pm we will be sitting around the campfire with my extended family (maybe 20 uncles, aunts, cousins, second cousins, etc).

They should have a tent set up for us, we are scrounging bedding and will drive back tomorrow through the Cherokee reservation and Newfound Gap.

Hopefully there will be photos.

This weekend's Sinister Bedfellows will be slightly delayed.