June 28th, 2006


In other news, new icon.

I think that sound means my neighbor has Roman candles, but I’m afraid to look.

Worked 11.5 hours this morning, getting ready to go back in for 5 hours overnight. Will be sleeping tomorrow.

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In a moment of weakness, since I couldn’t afford to order any Eau de Toilette Verveine (L’Occitane doesn’t sell it directly in the US, but you can get it from Amazon), I have found a new scent, Pi by Givenchy.

It’s not bad, fairly light and mellows nicely after a few minutes. It was also on sale very very cheap at the surplus outlet.

See, I have a scent palette. I don’t wear much, but my shaving cream is coconut/lime, my aftershave is verbena and most anything else I consider has to be citrusy. I have found what works with my body chemistry and attitude.

Also, today I am driving a large bucket truck with flashing lights and a huge trailer, so stop reevaluating my masculinity :)