June 14th, 2006


Illustrate this later...

Micronesia, 1944

Women holding babes
as the old robes
placed food in the cave.

Sneaking through the trees,
we three boys
spy on the Japanese.

So much food,
no soldiers,
and we were hungry.

Smoke swirled
as four tall hats
arranged the offering.

Crying to heaven
frightening the babies
frightening three boys,

the robes surged,
driving the women
over the cliff,

into the waves,
babes still clinging
for their gods.

We waited,
then we ate.
Our gods lived in our bellies.


Under your duvet
we grew muffled, speaking
with the tongues of tulips

a white duck in the small canal
beneath the bedroom window
then the bathroom window
then the kitchen...

and we rolled cigarettes,
walked barefoot on gravel
and completely misunderstood
the tongue of tulips.