May 13th, 2006


Random thoughts while mowing...

My lovely bride-to-be is not a fan of guns. I am a former member of the NRA. Not a problem for me. She doesn't like/trust guns, so there will be no guns in our house. I don't hunt anymore, I can target practice at a friend's.

My ex-wife is vegetarian. I tried for two years and decided that I am not. Not a problem, there was no meat in our house. I could grab a burger at lunch if I wanted to.

I am a Liberal-tarian. I like freedom. Don't tell me what I can't do. I recognize responsibility. Don't need to tell me what to do. My primary political principle seems to be Mind your own business, leave me alone. And always be nice, be polite, lend a hand, share food, stop and help if you can.

I rarely discuss religion. This does not mean that I am not a religious man. However, I can virtually assure that I do not believe what you think I believe. I'm still learning what I believe myself. Mainly when someone does something in the name of religion and I realize that there's no way I could ever believe that.

I like old school rap (really old school, like Quarterflash), jazz, bluegrass, mashups,, techno, deathmetal, guitar pop, J-pop, industrial and big band music. I like Tom Waits, They Might Be Giants and a band you have probably never heard of called The Management. You can download two of their songs for free from Amazon.

I really like cheese. Asiago, Cotswold, Sonoma Jack, but mainly very old, sharp, painful Cheddar.

I like bones and maps and chess knights.
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