April 13th, 2006


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I don’t feel well at the moment. We’ll see if food helps.

Tomorrow is not a holiday for me, I just learned. Guess I’ll be cleaning tonight for Jess’ return. But... I don’t feel well.

I got my first royalty payment from Lulu today. Wish I had a Paypal debit card so that I could celebrate. Instead, I’ll be buying some advertising.

I wish I felt better so I could be excited and happy and stuff, but... you know those diet coke+mentos videos that have been memeing lately? I feel like the second before the WHOOSH. Like, warm soda on the empty stomach of of a hypoglycemic... oh, wait.

One wild and crazy guy

I’m home alone and could be doing ANYTHING I WANT without disturbing my lovely bride to be and what am I doing?

Sitting on the bed, petting a cat, eating an apple and listening to jazz.
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