April 10th, 2006


More Recent Reviews!

Here’s what people are saying about Sinister Bedfellows:

“some fucking pretentious weiner taking pictures of statues and random city streets... then adding in text form, the imitation of some bruce springstein lyric or something. or something eluding to how he might’ve broken up with a girl or something and it’s so poetic and sad *makes the universal sign of jerking off* that is fucking lame.”

“As to the photocomic in question, it does nothing for me, I’ll admit, I gave up after looking at the first five. I think for me it was because I was expecting a storyline, characters, something familiar. In the end I gave up and figured that whoever wrote it was doing it as a University Art project and pitching it at an audience which quite frankly views ANY comics as infantile... (A crass generalisation I know... But I agree, I can recognise artistic wank when I see it)“