April 7th, 2006


On balance, nice but tired...

Got off work earlier than expected, meaning only 8 hours today, 50 hours this week.

Stopped on the way home to pick up some plants la_sherazade found on FreeCycle. We now have 8 Crepe Myrtles in our yard. After planting them, I watered the roses (doing great this year), the hazelnut and pecan seedlings (we finally have leaves!) and the onion/garlic patch I put in last weekend (4x6 plot outlined in large field stones with over 100 onion and garlic bulbs in it).

Now, I am eating Jess-made pimento cheese on crackers with pepper jelly and relaxing.

It’s going to be a busy weekend.

There will be plant photos tomorrow.
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My Version of the Wikipedia Birthday Meme

19 July:

711 - Muslim forces under Tariq ibn Ziyad defeat the Visigoths led by their king Roderic.
1553 - Lady Jane Grey is replaced by Mary I of England as Queen of England after having that title for just nine days.
1814 - Samuel Colt, American firearms inventor, was born (d. 1862)
1834 - Edgar Degas, French painter, was born (d. 1917)
1860 - Lizzie Borden, American accused murderess, was born (d. 1927)
1912 - A meteorite with an estimated mass of 190 kg exploded over the town of Holbrook in Navajo County, Arizona causing approximately 16,000 pieces of debris to rain down on the town.

When I first moved to California, with my ex-wife, our moving truck blew a waterpump in Holbrook, Arizona. The S was burned out on the Shell station sign where we spent 2 days in the desert in June waiting for a replacement truck.

1943 - World War II: Rome is bombed by the Allies for the first time in the war.
1968 - I was born.

July 19 is also the Feast of St. Vincent De Paul, patron saint of thrift stores, I believe.

Meme rules, such as they are; look up your birthdate, sans year, on Wikipedia, and post the top three events, births and deaths. I had no interesting deaths and so I cheated.