April 1st, 2006


Notes as I try to catch up...

1. I am going to the HellCar conference today. Note, this is not a Con, it is a creative seminar. There will be no catgirls.

2. While working the other day, adding phone lines for a woman who has TW digital, I turned around from connecting a line to discover the customer was breastfeeding her son. Now, I am in favor of breastfeeding, but the surprise was disconcerting. I’m never sure if I should avert my eyes or maintain strict eyecontact.

3. I worked 55 hours this week. I slept about 35. This cannot continue.

4. I’ve randomly added some new friends to my f’list. I’ll let you know if they are interesting.

5. Plans for Cthulhuvida are progressing. I fear BearCats of Mandhu and Maintenance Man must wait until I start sleeping more.

  • Does anyone know a good Comics-the-Marvel-Way artist who might be interested in drawing a twice weekly webcomic? I think Maintenance Man needs the full-on SuperHero&trade treatment.

  • 6. I need food.