March 20th, 2006


MomoCon: the posting

So, as with last year, and with WTH Con and I assume most college related cons, MomoCon was free, lots of fun and strange administrative issues cropped up.

In this case, Georgia Tech decided the weekend of the Con was the best time to rebuild the main stairway in the Student Center. As a result, to reach the Artists’ Alley, Con-goers, many in skimpy animé costumes, had to brave the exterior stairway or find the hidden elevator. Business was non-existent.

The ride down was nice. A left turn onto I-85, drive south for 5 hours, a right turn onto campus. I got to see Jennie and Greg again, as well as meeting Bill Holbrook (he’s like a cross breeding of Bill Gates and Mr. Rogers!) and John Lotshaw, among others. John did my portrait, as is becoming my Con custom.

As I said, no sales, but I did trade a few teeshirts, attended some great panels and did a little smoozing. I think Greg is going to host Cthulhuvida once I get the woodcuts done and John is interested in Bearcats of Mandhu. Now I just have to find the time to produce these.

I also decided that I need to recruit an artist steeped in The Marvel Way to work with me on Maintenance Man.


Now I abruptly cut off to go sample the corn chowder la_sherazade and I are making...
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