March 18th, 2006


random notes before I flee the state

Tomorrow morning, I drive to Atlanta for MomoCon. It’s about 5.5 hours to drive, my panel starts at 2pm, wish me luck.

Hey, webcomic artists who contributed to the Sinister Bedfellows: Anthology, what do you think of doing a parody of the cover, with one of your female characters staring up at David’s groinular area?

For those keeping track, 17 sales, 1347 visitors to date. I am making plans to advertise in the near future.

Now, if I could only sleep.
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Another excerpt from my favorite Obit column, the Telegraph

Robert Baker

A Professor of Poultry Science at Cornell University, Baker pioneered the chicken nugget after developing a way of binding chicken meat and keeping breadcrumbs on the reconstituted pieces.


Asked whether chickens tasted better when he was a child, he recalled: “We used to chop the head off the chicken and it would bounce around the yard and lay there for a while before we picked it up; then we’d scoop it into a pail and it would lie in the house for a bit before my mother would get round to cooking it. Probably it did taste different. But do you want to put up with that to get the taste?”


He produced dozens of commercial spin-offs, with the result that 40 per cent of poultry sales now involve processed meat, often using parts of birds -including backs, necks and skin - that would otherwise have gone to waste.


Baker is survived by his wife, Jacoba, and by two sons and four daughters.


Akira Ifukube
Composer who wrote a fantasia for the Japanese sci-fi monster Godzilla and created its roar with a resin-covered leather glove rubbed along the loosened strings of a double bass.
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