March 15th, 2006


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I click over at midnight to check the stats for the anthology on Lulu and see this.

Hits: 666
Hit count is only visible to you, the creator, and does not count your own hits.

The anthology page has gotten 3X the hits that the comic itself has.

It is kind of nice seeing my cover photo replicating all over my friends’list today.

This is a place holder. It will be deleted and replaced at a later date.

cutedeadgirl recently commented on the American hangup on profanity. Today, I realized where it came from. Remember, I am not a scholar.

Lenny Bruce owed his career to William the Conqueror!

The "7 words you can't say on TV" derive from the Norman conquest. Saxon (Germanic) words are crude and profane, Norman (French) words are sophisticated and polite.

NOTE: Insert story of Helewise and Liuth, with conjection on name versus philonym*

* Phrased I coined for a term of endearment, like Sweetie.