March 4th, 2006


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The following list contains the five most effective things with which I can be bribed. If tagged, you must do the same, and tag five more people. The assumption is made that lots of money is always a good bribe, so you can’t choose that one!

5) chocolate
4) home made pizza
3) comic books
2) new music
1) attention

All you peoples, I’m too tired to chose.

An 8-hour nap followed by 8-hour sleep? Delightful!

Reading ancient E.B. White essays on his life on a saltwater farm in Maine, in the late 30’s - early 40’s, I have come to a realization.

I have been too long from the sea.

In childhood, I lived in Florida, at first on an island, later within a long walk from the ocean. The wind never ceased. The song of the waves rocked me. Add the occasional train whistle and life was aural bliss.

Then we moved to the North Carolina piedmont. Still, the ocean was an easy daytrip. There was a lazy creek to play in on hot summer days (or one memorable February raft ride where we channeled the Heart of Darkness in wet jeans).

As an adult, I switched coasts. Every weekend I’d wander down to the Oakland docks, visit friends at the farmer’s market and watch the kayaks and yachts play tag in the bay. Seagulls roosted on my window sill and stole leftovers from my garbage. I watched the elephant seals mate like blimps colliding in the sand.

But now, I’m back in the same home in North Carolina. I don’t have free days to run to the beach. I no longer wade out into the muddy brown creek (it’s all construction sites and landfill anyway). The susurration of traffic on the highway teases me with the half-rhyme of waves. And I’ll never smell the salt spray from here.

I have stood on the Leith, wrapped myself against the North Sea winds, baked on the Mexican Caribbean. I’ve dipped my toes in the Vltava, the Seine, the Thames.

I need to do it again.
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Hey, this blog turned 2 years old yesterday.

I’m averaging 1.6 posts and 6 comments per day.
Oddly, my comments made and comments received tend to stay almost balanced.