February 26th, 2006


Sinister Bedfellows: Anthology

The Call for Submissions has been closed.

With 18 entrants and only 57 live strips we were starting to get duplicate requests. Also, 18 should give us well over 30 pages for the book, so it can be perfectly bound rather than saddle stitched. I’m going with Lulu initially. 6x9 (manga) glossy paperback. I dummied up a couple of stories and it looks pretty good.

Here is a list of the writers: euphrasie, pvenables, spasmsproject, starchy, chaya, shawn_scarber, weeping_angel, cutedeadgirl, robcallahan, glitchphil, demiurgent, dirkdada, 510friskies, lynchwalker, pendamuse, porphyre, victor_von

It’s an interesting cross section of my friends’list, including members of the Misfit Library, MUNGbeing, Biscuit Press, North Carolina WebComic Coffee Clatch, snarkoleptics and friends of Warren. Very cool.

Deadline for submissions is March 1st!

My plan is revision before rejection, so if your story is terrible, I’ll bleed all over it and send it back. I really don’t expect that to happen, however, as I have read you all before.

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Latest from the Greatest Obits in the World, the Telegraph

Kapitein Luitenant Francis Steinmetz, who has died aged 91, completed a successful “home run” escape from Colditz Castle (during WWII) by descending from the middle of a British rugby scrum into a manhole beneath the pitch.... The manhole’s cover was secured with a steel bolt, which the two escapers replaced with a glass replica which they could shatter by pushing from below.

Colditz main group

He is in the center of this group of POWs, reunited at Castle Colditz, holding the book.
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Sinister Bedfellows: Anthology

I just received a submission from the mysterious author of tiny ghosts. We now have 20 entries, of which I have read 3 finals, one draft and I need to revise my own.


Seriously, this book is gonna be one twisted sobfest. Cool.

In other news, per my request, jamiecotc has designed a NCWCCC icon. Now I just need to renew my LJ membership so I can add more icons.


If I could stand upright for more than five minutes, life would be good.
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Sinister Bedfellows: Anthology teasers

Here are some clips from the first drafts I’ve received. Enjoy.

1. Walking back to their hotel, they got caught out in the rain. Both caught terrible colds that ruined the rest of their vacation. They blamed each other.

2. It used to be your face, with a sense of everything attached to it, that came through to me in any moment of trauma or elation, even when the moments were brief and mild. If the trauma came with a fist, or a boot, or any body part sailing violent or resting broken.

3. She spent her 10th wedding anniversary alone, in a dimly-lit corner booth—their booth—drinking the champagne she’d ordered and watching her husband and his whore.

4. I’m going to get there, that the one thing I’m sure of. I’m going to get there someday, to that mythical place, to that place that pretty much everyone we know says doesn’t exist. I need more time of course. Time, time, will there be enough time? Time before the end, before it’s too late? Every day we walk on this world another wall is built between me and my goal. The path hardens and shrinks from view a little further.

5. Follow Me Boys and I can show you delights no other woman can. I am the girl your mother warned you about, the gal spoken of in low excited tones in damp locker rooms by men who’ll never have a chance with someone like me unless I was passed out in a corner with fewer wits about me than clothes.

See, I told you they were dark. Guess it’s gonna be PG-13 too. I kinda hope a few funny ones show up soon.
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Just realized that since my paid account ended, my LJ email is gone. You can reach me at my SinisterBedfellows.com address, which is mckenzee, of course.
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