February 25th, 2006


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Daniel Webster, 31 August 1851: There was some tendancy of defluxation from the nose, the eyes did not feel right, and what was more important, I felt a degree of general depression which belongs to the disease.

At least I'm catching up on my reading. E.B. White's memoirs, a little Murakami and Tolstoy, some scifi schlock.

EDIT: On further research, based on something over heard at the hospital "That's our third influenza A tonight" I have determined that I have a strain of the Bird Flu, just not the Asian Bird Flu.

It's not that bad, being sick. I've lost weight and I have drugs.

My lovely girlfriend is feeding me home-made Crab Rangoon.

I am about to watch a movie called In The Year 2889.
I must.

The description on the back includes the line
And then the radioactive zombies start to show up!
Who could resist that?

It will be followed by Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet, starring Basil Rathbone. Hooray for $1 DVDs!