February 18th, 2006


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Today I worked 14 hours, which means I missed the webcomic panel at Stellar-Con, but I did get to see the buzzards of Biscoe.
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North Carolina WebComic Coffee Clatch

I’m experiencing some frustration in one of my chosen pursuits.

Many months ago I thought it would be cool to get together with other webcomic artists to talk. I was right, it is. Very cool. Unfortunately, this involves organization, which I don’t have a lot of time for. The group is growing, different people I respect are dropping in, but it is getting difficult to find convenient times and places to meet. And my work keeps getting in the way.

But I have so many ideas.

I’m going to set up a website, linked to our forum. I’m making a logo/button/icon/bug that members can add to their websites. I’m hoping to line up semi-permanent meeting places around the state and then I will try to get out of being in charge :)

There is great potential here. I’ve made connections with other artists, marketing people, publishers, etc. I wish I could afford to make this my living.

There could even be a NC webcomic beach retreat this summer!