February 10th, 2006


Let's see... new jazz, new country... and Nellie. That makes me well rounded, right?

1. NPR introduced me to a great band I had never heard of, Monk’s Music Trio, and their new album, Monk’s Bones, which features the aforementioned trio plus dueling trombones. Unfortunately, this new album is not available on iTunes, Amazon or any of those shadowy other sites people like me don’t know about *cough*.

Does anyone out there know them? Got a copy of Friday the Thirteen I could borrow for a full review? They also did a duet with Nellie, if that boosts my coolness points any.

2. If you listen to a lot of a certain type of country music, like I do (Hank Williams SR!, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, George Jones, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash), then you are familiar with the whining loser genre of bluesy country songs (He stopped loving her today, Lucille, Last Thing I Needed, Blue Eyes Crying, etc.).

Well, Sara Evens has released the perfect response to that. The style is close enough to play with these boys, but the lyrics put them in their place.

How do you like that furnished room,
The bed, the chair, the table?
The tv picture comes and goes,
Too bad you don’t have cable.
How do you like that paper plate?
And those pork and beans you’re eatin’
Maybe you should have thought about that...
when you were cheating.

That’s When You Were Cheating by Sara Evens.

3. This McKenzee Music Minute was brought to you by NPR, iTunes and very strong coffee.