February 9th, 2006


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I was gone. Went into work Tuesday at eight:thirty (Jhayne, I steal), worked a full day, then got the emergency call: We’ve got a fiber down!”

Drove to Tennessee (We’ve got as many double letters as Mississippi) and spent the next 24 hours working.

Heck, what do you call those things that personify abstract ideals? I know there is a word that my art historian fiancée will beat me for not remembering allegory. Anyway, 4 pm yesterday the hotel had a broken hottub and a forlorn Statue of Liberty standing out in the snow, a sad statue in the snow! Megatokyo, don’cha know.

Twelve hours of sleep later, drove home. I’ve done a full week of work, plus some, get today off and tomorrow will all be overtime. Maybe I can buy that Superman sticker I’ve been wanting for my hardhat now.

Oh yeah... I’m being interviewed about non-drawn webcomics and wondered how many of you are too? Do they realize we all know each other?

Places I’ve been, today:
Blountville, TN
Chilhowie, VA
Pinnacle, NC

Oh, and I passed Pilot Mountain, the mountain with a rock on top! It still looks like a gigantic nipple to me.

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Hey, I’m unloading about 15 years worth of old Analog magazines on eBay.

They are well-loved, so don’t expect crisp covers, but the stories are still great.

If interested, they can be found, sorted by year, here.

The link also takes you to clothing that la_sherazade is selling.