February 5th, 2006


Randomnessesses... er...

I slept 6 hours, wide awake now, but cold, with lots of commas. I need to move the antique non-functional stove that we got for free? maybe $.99? out onto the front porch to be picked up (yah, freecycle!) First, I think I need coffee.

My sister says it will snow tonight, but it was 60 degrees F yesterday and Weather.com disagrees. I think it is still too windy to finish shingling the north side of the house, however. Maybe I’ll work on clearing the dining room in prep for replacing the floor instead.

The house in Pittsboro still needs to be cleared. There is a large pile of rocks and rotten wood to haul away. The rocks will become a wall in our front yard, and possibly trim around the parking area and driveway. Otherwise we will keep losing gravel.

Any suggestions on places to pimp my comic? My 5 month hiatus ruined my momentum and I’ll never take over the world in time to retire at this rate.

coffee... yes.