February 2nd, 2006


New Identity Crisis

I have always thought that my mother’s non-Cherokee ancestors were Scottish and Irish. But using the Surname Profiler, I have discovered that in 1998 and 1881, our family surnames have been almost exclusively Welsh.

Dad’s side is still mostly Scots and Irish. Granted, German and Dutch immigrants to Scotland during the Renaissance, but still...

I don’t know how to be Welsh.

Reprinted here in case anyone not on the mailing list wants to attend

Subject: North Carolina Webcomic Coffee Clatch

First, I’d like to welcome Marty and Brian from Gravyboy, Chris from Framed and David from Plan 9 Publishing to the group.

Second, I’m sorry January’s meeting was so disorganized. I did manage to get to WTH Con and see Matt, Jamie, Philip, Brian, and Marty, as well as Jennie Breeden, Phillip Wright and Chris Wright (Jeff, Chris says hi!). No coffee, but the webcomic panel was fun,

Thirdly, February’s meeting. I’d like to hold it in High Point on the 18th in conjunction with Stellarcon.org. Since they don’t seem to have a webcomic panel (or a clear schedule online), I think we should plan to meet Saturday afternoon, around 2? Can anyone recommend a coffee shop in the area? I

March 18-19 I will be in Atlanta for MomoCon. So, should we meet the 11th or the 25th? I think Chapel Hill would be good. In April, there is Hellcar on the 1st (in Raleigh?) and RoundCon in Columbia the 28-30, but should we meet the Sat before Easter in Raleigh?

-mckenzee, founder of snarkoleptics and the NCWCCC.