January 20th, 2006


First part: mildly boring work story, second part: southern gothic tale.

1. Spent most of the morning with Dad, trying to find the material for a job we needed to do. Wandered into the warehouse of a company that used to supply us, but they no longer stock what we needed. We did meet a marketeer and get free teeshirts and keyrings though.

Then we visited a few friends in the same business, but for different companies and one of them arranged for the stuff we needed to “fall off a truck”, so we got the job done.

While smoozing, we were treated to the following story.

2. There was an elderly couple, he confined to a wheelchair, she suffering from Alzehiemers. Between the two of them they were still functional as a family. Then last weekend, he passed away in his sleep. A day or two later, a friend dropped by to find her placing a quilt on the bed, explaining that “he is still cold”. She had piled almost two feet of blankets and quilts over his body since he died.