October 22nd, 2005


Wesley's Hawaiian

This is a scan of my 4 y.o. cousin's Hawaiian shirt.

It will be the inspiration for (it will inform) the water scenes involving Cthulhu in Cthulhuvida (I don't know how to make the Nordic thorn character on a PC {Go Mac!}).

I started making cool sketches yesterday, I had forgotten that I can actually draw when I need to. I am working on a couple of oddball traditional comic ideas, Mr. & Ms. America, which will be the secret romance between Wonder Woman and Captain America, and an X-kryptonite based design for SuperBat. I'll probably post the final results here.

Wesley's Hawaiian
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Tonight I can finally tell that this is the time of apples and bats.

Driving through the country I saw a tree hung with dead crows. Earlier, I watched a house burn to the ground.

Nights like this, I long for a magic cigar, smoke swirling around me like a trench coat, transforming my life into a Bogart movie.

This is a true story.