October 13th, 2005


It was suggested that I repost this with linkage. So... here.

Klatch: a casual social gathering, usually for conversation
Clatch: something put together in a clumsy or slipshod manner.

The next North Carolina Webcomic Coffee Clatch will be at Mr. Toad’s Coffee House. 976 High House Rd, Cary, NC, Sunday, October 23 at 4 pm.

As always, the only order of business will be to select a time and place for the next meeting. Then we spend an hour or two talking comics. If you are involved in webcomics, please drop by.

We have confirmations from Sinister Bedfellows, The Dada Detective, Onion Head Monster and Catgirl Island. We have maybes from Digger and The Shallow End.