October 11th, 2005


While the pizza is baking...

Yesterday, I went to rewire a hotel in Greensboro. In the very first room, as I removed the first ceiling tile, two Coors Lite cans fell onto the dresser and burst, spraying me, the beds, the wall and the other three guys standing in the room with me.

Today, I wanted to flush a toilet in a vacant room (it really needed it) but the water was shut off. So I reached behind the commode, twisted and it shot across the room! As ice cold water sprayed the wall and my legs, I grabbed the valve and shoved it back into the hole, causing water to soak my face and shirt. I then had to extract my radio and call for help. A coworker brought me a screwdriver and I tightened the valve back in place. Then I went to a dollar store and bought a new wardrobe to finish the day in. Baggy jeans and a safety-orange hoodie and dry socks, all for $25.

Now I am rewarding myself with Reese’s cups, pizza and Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper, for which, against all expectations, I have developed a fondness. I also picked up two Bela Lugosi’s, an Anthony Perkins’ and an Evelyn Stewart film.

Pizza’s done.