October 5th, 2005


Now I am both enigmatic and nocturnal...

Due to other people’s mistakes, I have become nocturnal.

Last night we managed to do half the work needed. The manhole full of concrete had been cleared, but someone left a ton of marble slabs on the sidewalk where we needed to park. No one wanted to come out at midnight to move them for us, so I am going back to Charlotte tonight.

I got home at 6:30 am, slept until 4 and awoke to see this byrobcallahan.


Shown here is an early draft of the new cover, with photography generously granted for my use by the enigmatic creator of Sinister Bedfellows. This one should be out in time to send people for the xmass season, provided all goes wel.

Why am I mentioning this, you ask? Aside from the obvious reasons involving early self-promotion, I need to know how McKenzee would like to be credited for the photo, and this is so much cooler than just sending him some stupid email.

Pay attention to this man and buy his book!

Also, I placed the initial order for Sinister Bedfellows’ shirts today. I only ordered one of each size to start, I’ll order more as needed.

Gentlemen’s shirts are Hanes beefy, Ladies’ are Bella babydolls.

S, M, L, XL are $15, XXL AND XXXL are $16, shipping and handling $5.

Please click the image and give me your size and if you want beefy or babydoll. Please allow me a few weeks to get things printed and shipped. Comment below with questions. There will be different designs in the near future.