September 24th, 2005


Sleep is for wimps!

Just a quick update, I’ll try to get more later.

Thursday I started working with my father, learning fiber optic splicing. We worked from 9 pm to 3 am, got 5 hours of sleep, then he asked if I wanted to run to Tennessee to help with another job.

We drove 4 hours, set up the bucket truck and then a guy ran up and said we might want to move, as they were dynomiting the hilltop next to us. After the smoke cleared, we set back up and discovered that the bucket truck didn’t have any power for our drill. So we had to go buy a cordless and plug it in to charge the battery. Got the job done, then a 4 hour drive home. I got back about 11:30 last night. So, the first day I worked with my dad was 26 hours long and I worked 19 of them!

Today we got up and worked on the demolition of the old house. jason0x21 should post photos soon and I will later.

Now, la_sherazade and I are off to the county fair.