August 27th, 2005


Monument to the Mundane

From the little I have learned, he seems like a nice guy. A "advocate for humanity" whose last name started with an X. And I'm sure the stature is an amazingly accurate representation of Mr. X.

But, really, I expect so much more from a(n) heroic effigy.

The Unknown Citizen
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-- W. H. Auden

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From The Walrus (http://www,

Excerpt: There are many curious things about the Cyprus buffer zone: it shares its unofficial name, the Green Line, with the border between Israel and Palestine; it is home to a fleet of some fifty brand-new 1974 Toyota Corollas, trapped by circumstance and now frozen in time, in a dealer’s garage; and a pungent scent of eucalyptus, from moisture-sucking trees first planted in the arid desert terrain by British colonial administrators in the 1950s, hangs over the crumble. Maybe most curious of all, though, is the Canadian contingent...
There can be only one.