July 24th, 2005


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I went out to water the garden and discovered the first fruits of our labor.


My garden is a forest ledge
Which older forests bound;
The banks slope down to the blue lake-edge,
Then plunge to depths profound!
- Ralph Waldo Emerson, My Garden (st. 3)

Fictional Lover Meme which tells you way too much about me...

“List ten fictional characters that you would like to have sex with. Then tag five friends to share their list.”

1. The Model, The Icicle Thief (movie)
2. The Nurse, Kangaroo Notebook (book)
3. Wonder Woman (TV series)
Her golden lasso introduced me to the concept of bondage
4. Felicity Kendal as Barbara Good, The Good Life/Good Neighbors (tv show)
5. Margaret/Jimmy, Liquid Sky (movie)
Identical-but-different-gender twins
6. Jilly Coppercorn, various Charles DeLint books
7. Death, The Dreaming (comic book)
Delirium seems a little young
8. Any of the girls from Questionable Content (webcomic)
9. The Lady in the Radiator, Eraserhead (movie)
10. Velouria, The Pixies (song)
and how does lemur skin reflect the sea?

Tag: sorry if you already did this and I missed it...
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